MyHope is a faith-oriented, web-based initial contact, reference and referral source for people who want to take control of their mental health. MyHope is a Colorado nonprofit corporation that has been established to assist people who are dealing with four mental health challenges: Depression, Addiction, Suicide and Grief/Loss.

MyHope is a self-help tool that provides a way a person can get started in addressing these struggles in their life. MyHope has been designed to confront these issues working with several different constituencies, each with their own separate website with the groups’ needs in mind. Professionals who are familiar with each group’s needs and concerns are invited to contribute to and participate with the web community. MyHope is a collaboration of trusted faith-based ministries designed to be an initial nonthreatening first step for individuals who want to explore and promote mental health in their lives.

MyHope for Mental Heath

MyHope provides a trusted platform for those who want help figuring out why they feel the way they do and help finding resources that can guide them in their research and discovery. We are a trusted, free resource for up to date information and finding answers to your questions about mental health. We are dedicated to your privacy.