MyHope launched in 2020, but the idea started well before the pandemic gripped our entire country. We had one simple goal, to provide faith-based mental health resources to those in need. We never imagined how that need would increase overnight.

Now the pandemic has passed and lockdowns are over, but we are facing a new crisis. It is a crisis of mental health. The statistics are overwhelming. The toxic mix of isolation and economic hardship has produced increased anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and other mental health problems.

Surveys show that 40% of Americans are struggling with at least one mental health issue. 1 in 4 young adults have thought about killing themselves. This is a dramatic increase over previous year.

Faith has offered countless millions a place of refuge, solace, comfort, and hope. In times of tragedy or personal crisis, many people turn to faith and to find meaning in their circumstances. The wounds of the soul are the most difficult to detect and quantify.

With the increased stressors, the faith community has the opportunity to step into the vacuum of hopelessness and offer an everlasting hope. A hope that is not grounded in temporal circumstances, but in the hope of Jesus Christ.

These soul deep issues need to be addressed, and there are some very practical steps that individuals can take. Depression, anxiety, habits and addictions, or grief, don’t have to be the final conclusion to our stories.

MyHope is dedicated to providing pastors and lay counselors with these practical resources at your fingertips. That is why we have partnered with June Hunt to provide these valuable resources, so you can meet the emotional and mental needs in your church.

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