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Life is a journey, MyHope is the community you can trust to help you navigate through the roadblocks, detours and potholes of life, keeping you in control so that you can achieve your destiny.

MyHope is guided by six major principles:

We believe the Bible is the authority on Mental Health

We focus on Mental Health not Mental Illness

We believe you need to be in control of your Mental Health

We promote a holistic approach to Mental Health

We believe Healing is most effective in community

We protect your privacy


You can beat depression. We can help!

Exercises and tools to help you help yourself.

  • Activities to assess your strengths.

  • Encouraging goal-setting tools to help you succeed.

  • Engaging videos and articles to help inform you on important topics.


Learn Effective Solutions

Online learning, activities, exercises and tools to help you help yourself – and develop new positive habits.

  • Break negative thought patterns
  • Manage distressing feelings
  • Replace unhelpful behaviors
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Your path allows you to journey through it in bite size chunks, anywhere, anytime, on any device. Learn at your own pace. It fits into the time you have available.

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