Form two groups consisting of three trainees each.  Assign each group a different child and a developmental area to assess.  Allow the groups time to prepare the activities for the assessment, to gather the materials, and to develop a sheet to score the items Pass, Emerge, or Fail.

Assign different roles within each group for the assessment:  one conducts the assessment, another scores, and the third scores the Learning Skills Checklist.  Allow 20-30 minutes for the assessment. 

Have each group process the activity using the following discussion questions (attached), then have the individual groups report back to the large group.  Each group should select a “reporter” for this process.

Group A:  Paulette, Donna, Missy  


        Assessment area:

        Trainer:  Wendy/Cindy/Elaine

Group B:  Robin, Kathy, Amy


        Assessment area:

        Trainer:  Susan/Kathy/Mary Clare

Discussion Questions

1) At what developmental level was the child functioning?

2) Which developmental skills were emerging?

3) Based on your assessment information, what are some intervention activities that could serve to further develop the child’s skills in this area?

4) What are the child’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of learning skills?

5) What teaching activities/strategies can be used to further develop these learning skills?

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