REVIEW student’s educational file and any available data on performance and behavior

ASK teachers and parents to complete a behavioral checklist or 2 that is appropriate for this particular student

INTERACT with the student, providing chances for you to observe specific social, communication, and play behaviors  

SYNTHESIZE the information you’ve obtained, through conversations with teachers/parents and through the checklists

EXPRESS this information in a clear and easy-to-read fashion


HOST a meeting with the family to discuss the findings of the educational evaluation

ASK the parents about their current concerns

NARRATE the findings from the educational evaluation

DISCUSS whether or not the student is eligible for special education, and if so, what educational eligibility category is the best fit for him/her at this time?

SELECT an eligibility determination category OR decide, as a team, what information is needed to help to make a determination


PLAN educational goals/objectives/accommodations in a manner consistent with the findings of the evaluation and recommended educational practices in ASD

LOG or collect data on the student’s performance across time and interventions

ENGAGE school personnel who interact with the student in practical, evidence-based interventions on a consistent basis

ADAPT teaching strategies based upon review of student’s progress

SUPPORT the educational team to implement the plan in a dynamic, student-centered way

EVALUATE student’s performance per IEP guidelines and consider whether the current educational identification continues to be appropriate or if the process should be revisited

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