From Mortifying Meltdown to Finding Inner Peace – 10 Steps to “10% Happier”

Imagine having a panic attack in front of five million people on national television. That’s what happened to Dan Harris on Good Morning America in 2004. He was filling in for a colleague as the news anchor at the top of the hour. “It started out fine…But then, right in the middle of the second […]

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Develop Confidence With Courage

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”  — Anais Nin I’ve asked hundreds of entrepreneurs if they’d like more courage at least sometimes, if they’d like more confidence at least sometimes and if they have fears that sometimes hold them back. One-hundred percent replied yes. I’ve been asking individual clients and audiences this […]

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Learning from Stories of Recovery

People considering therapy and other treatments for mental health problems are sometimes concerned that ultimately nothing will help or resolve the condition. Peter Kramer, a psychiatrist and clinical professor of psychiatry and human behavior at Brown University, admits that disorders of the mind and brain can be powerful. But In his introduction to the book […]

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Manage Bipolar Disorder Through Mindfulness

Dramatic shifts in mood and energy can create havoc in the lives of those with bipolar disorder. It can be tough to hold down a job, manage everyday responsibilities, manage symptoms and maintain relationships, even if you’re taking medications or involved in therapy. That’s what prompted William Marchand, MD, to explore the value of mindfulness […]

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Achieving Excellence

Paul Buyer was extremely frustrated. A music professor and Director of Percussion at South Carolina’s Clemson University, Dr. Buyer felt rehearsals weren’t going well. Students were arriving late and they weren’t practicing.  Then, after an especially less-than-stellar concert, a student commented to him, “I never want to feel that way again.” So Buyer started thinking […]

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7 Ways to Short-Circuit Chronic Stress

Pretend you’re a zebra enjoying the hot African savannah. A lion is approaching. You shift into high gear and run for your life. That’s what stress was designed to do: get you out of immediate danger. But what if you’re not a zebra. Week after week you’re worried about losing your job, or getting older, […]

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Risperdal is the brand name of risperidone, a drug sometimes prescribed by mental health professionals for the treatment of schizophrenia and some problems associated with bipolar disorder. It falls within a class of drugs called “antipsychotics,” and may be taken by mouth (orally) or injection. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), resperidone […]

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Trying Not to Try: The Art and Science of Spontaneity

In a famous story from ancient Chinese philosophy, Butcher Ding has been called upon to play his part in a traditional religious ceremony. The ritual, to consecrate a newly cast bronze bell, requires the butcher to sacrifice an ox in a public space, with the ruler and a large crowd looking on. It is a […]

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Sleep Training

Sleep training is a process that helps babies who are unable to get to sleep – or stay asleep – on their own learn how to fall asleep and sleep through the night more easily. Although some babies manage this feat early on, say within three months of arrival (when night-time feedings are tapering off), […]

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Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, “helps people gain greater self-awareness and understanding about their own actions,” as well as helping them “identify and explore how their nonconscious emotions and motivations can influence their behavior.” Although psychodynamic therapy was originally based on early psychoanalytical approaches pioneered by such individuals as Sigmund […]

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How to Deal With Anger

Managing anger effectively is an important life skill, whether you’re in a relationship, dealing with coworkers, parenting children, or just navigating the day-to-day frustrations we all face. If anger management is an area you feel you need to work on, the good news is that there are some excellent techniques you can learn to practice […]

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What is a Psychologist?

What is a psychologist, and how does a psychologist differ from a psychiatrist? According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), psychologists have “a doctoral degree (Ph.D., Psy.D. or Ed.D.) in clinical, educational, counseling or research psychology,” and are licensed by individual states to practice psychology. Psychologists may offer psychological evaluations,  treat emotional/behavioral problems […]

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