Is an unhappy marriage driving you to thoughts of separation or divorce? Before you commit to either of these steps, consider whether you might be able to instead learn ways to create a healthier relationship with your husband or wife.

A good marriage isn’t always an easy one, and if only one partner is committed to making it work, it may not be possible to build that good marriage. But before you make that decision, why not consider some actions and behaviors that might help both of you move toward a better relationship? 

You might want to read up on how to communicate, how to fight (yes, that can be a healthy part of relationships!), and how to manage money together for starters. These are just some of the ways you can move an unhappy marriage into a place where you can enjoy, trust, and support each other again.

An unhappy marriage can damage every other source of joy in your life, so it’s important to do whatever you can do to make it better. Then if you decide it can’t get better, you’ll know you’ve given it your best effort. To get started, we suggest you check out Marriage & Family Counseling on our site.

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