Autism Program at Yale (Yale School of Medicine Child Study Center)
Faculty at Yale are actively involved in research, teaching, and technical assistance regarding persons with ASD who are intellectually competent/advanced.  Videotaped lectures are archived and available for free on a variety of topics. See their materials for parents and professionals at

Boulder (CO) Gifted Parent Support Group
An active, local parent group that holds monthly events for families of intellectually advanced youth, some of whom have ASD. Parent leaders of the group have been very welcoming and helpful to families I know.  Email is: For similar types of support groups in your location, search online for “gifted child parent support groups” and your geographic location or check with the National Association for Gifted Children (

Gifted Children with Asperger’s Syndrome (Davidson Center for Talented Youth)
Information from a giftedness perspective, with some links to materials for those with ASD

The Paradox of Giftedness and Autism (University of Iowa College of Education)
The talented student program at IU has posted some really helpful resources for secondary/university students with ASD and giftedness; see at

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