Clinically speaking, sexual dysfunction causes a disruption in the ability to respond sexually or experience pleasure while in the process of a sexual experience. While sexual disorders are typically thought of as a problem reserved for men, which may be attributed to significant advertising around men’s issues, both men and women experience sexual dysfunction issues, although differently. In men, common terms to describe certain sexual issues include erectile dysfunction or impotence and premature or delayed ejaculation. In women, symptoms of sexual dysfunction are a lowered or non-existent sex drive, an inability to become aroused, an inability to achieve orgasm, or pain during intercourse. For either gender, it can be troubling to a relationship when physical intimacy is lacking or inconsistent. It should be noted that an individual may have more than one sexual dysfunction, so diagnosis is important here.

Sexual dysfunction may be a result of either a physical or a psychological condition. Physical causes may include diabetes, neurological disorders, hormonal imbalance or heart disease, to name a few. Psychological causes range from anxiety to depression to past trauma to high stress to a concern about sexual performance if problems have arisen in the past. One common cause of decreased libido or difficulty with erections is medication side effects, particularly associated with the use of antidepressants or other medications used to treat mood disorders. Often, sexual issues are also associated with growing older.

Regardless of the cause, the issue may be entirely treatable. If the issue is biological or physical, men can benefit from erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra®, Levitra®or Cialis®. If the issue stems from a mental disorder of emotional imbalance, people may find “talk” therapy to be extremely helpful. Because sexual issues may impact other aspects of romantic relationships, couples may find it particularly helpful to consult a doctor and/or therapist for advice. Find plenty of tips and resources here to better understand the causes and treatments of sexual dysfunction.

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