Patrick’s Daily Progress Report


Completed by:  ________________________________ Date:  __________

I. Appropriate Behaviors




Initiates activities



Follows directions



Completes activities



Initiates contact with peers



Uses words to communicate



Uses gestures to communicate



Uses pictures to Communicate



Other appropriate behaviors observed:



II. Inappropriate Behaviors







Resists teacher assistance



Other inappropriate behaviors observed:



III. Self-Help Skills – did Patrick:





Toilet independently




Eat his lunch




Other inappropriate behaviors observed:




IV.  Overall Ratings  (circle one)




Very Good


Patrick’s overall behavior was





Patrick’s eye contact/attention was





Patrick’s academic work was






Definitions of Behaviors on Patrick’s Daily Progress Report

Initiates Activities:  any time Patrick begins an activity without more than one verbal prompt from the teacher; includes times when Patrick is given materials and begins work without anyone prompting him to get started; also includes times when Patrick independently goes to the area where the next activity will be without having to be asked.

Follows Directions:  any time Patrick responds appropriately to a teacher’s request within five seconds of the initial cue

Completes Activities:  any time Patrick finishes an activity, project, or assignment

Initiates Contact with Peer:  any time Patrick uses words, gestures, or pictures to communicate with another child; independently sits within 2 feet of another child; or independently shares toys with another child

Uses Words to Communicate:  any time Patrick verbalizes to make his needs known

Uses Gestures to Communicate:  any time Patrick uses gestures or sign language to make his needs known

Uses Pictures to Communicate:  any time Patrick touches a picture in his communication book to make his needs known

Jumps:  any time Patrick jumps up and down for five seconds or more during non-play time

Resists Teacher Assistance:  any time Patrick ignores a teacher’s request, pushes her hand away, or refuses to participate in an activity

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